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Today there are many different soldering stations. But there are very few multichannel among them. At the same time, the work often requires the use of more than one soldering iron. As a result, you have to keep several soldering stations of different types on the table at the same time, which creates some inconvenience. Ready-made multi-channel stations (eg Hakko FM-203, FM-206) are usually very rare and expensive.

I designed a 4-channel soldering station that can be used with different types of soldering irons at the same time. Soldering irons with a 24V heater and a built-in thermocouple (T12), a separate thermocouple (Hakko 907 with a heater A1322, such as ProsKit 216), and a thermistor (Hakko 907 with a heater A1321, such as AOYUE 852) are supported now. It is also possible to use soldering tweezers type AOYUE 950 or similar.
It is possible to use different types of soldering irons at the same time.

The soldering station automatically determines the presence of a connected soldering iron, measures the pulse current through the heater, allows you to limit the maximum power of the heater.

Kradex Z2AW is used as the case. The station is made in the same style with the PSA2 bench power supply.

Schematic of a soldering station based on MSS403 board

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